Booster Club Raffle Information

The Nathan Hale Athletic Booster Club is issued a Class 'A' Raffle License from the State of Wisconsin. Since a purpose of the Booster Club is to raise funds for the school's athletic teams, the Class 'A' license can be used by those teams to conduct a raffle on behalf of the Booster Club for the purpose of team fundraising. The Booster Club will offer this as an opportunity to all Nathan Hale athletic teams in good standing with the Booster Club. Teams that are interested will design the tickets, organize the prizes, sell the tickets, and hold the raffle. The Booster Club will report the results to the State of Wisconsin as required by the license.

The following rules apply to the Booster Club's Class 'A' Raffle License:

  1. The Booster Club will perform accounting and reporting to the state for all raffles.
  2. Raffles must be proposed to and approved by the Booster Club membership at a general meeting before tickets can be printed.
  3. Raffles must conform to the Wisconsin Administrative Code for the Conduct of Raffles in Wisconsin.
  4. Each team holding a raffle must submit the ticket design to the Booster Club for approval before tickets can be printed.
  5. As the license holder, the Booster Club will be listed as the licensed organization on all tickets with the proceeds going to the team holding the raffle.
  6. Following the raffle, the team must supply the Booster Club with the date of the raffle, the money collected, the money/prizes paid out, and the names, addresses and phone numbers for those winning prizes valued at $100 or more.
  7. The Booster Club reserves the right to refuse use of the raffle license for teams not in good standing.
  8. Violation of the above rules will result in suspension of the raffle and may affect future raffle requests.

Interested teams should contact a Booster Club officer and attend one of the monthly Booster Club meetings.

Last updated 8/12/13

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