Great news!  Your teams will be able to earn money by working concessions this year.  The Booster Club will be giving teams 50% of the profits from each event they cover.  We feel this will be a great way to get teams involved and excited about working concessions so we hope you take advantage of these opportunities. 


You are not only helping your group earn money, but in a larger and more altruistic sense you are enhancing the quality of everyone’s experience at this event!  Thank you for representing the West Allis Nathan Hale High School community.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Please arrive on time according to the coverage shift (times on the web) to help set up & train
  • A Booster Club volunteer will be present to open and get everyone started.  Don’t’ be shy about asking questions when they’re training!  We want you to feel comfortable.
  • Please take note of the Booster Club Concession report that we need to fill out at every event.  These are important controls to help control waste and just make sure things are done procedurally.
  • Please make sure you wash your hands and use the gloves whenever handling food.
  • Remember it is better to RUN OUT rather than THROW OUT!  We operate on very narrow margins because our goal is to make money for the programs while providing the best value possible for our community.  Use your judgment when deciding whether or not to prepare more food.  In general, business will slow way down after halftimes.
  • Start clean up as soon as practical.  Please wait for Booster Club Volunteer to lock up and they will take the money.
  • Please communicate any messages in the spiral notebook left out for that purpose and remember please fill out the Booster Club Concessions Report.
  • Have fun!  Meet new people and enjoy yourself!
  • We have a lot to celebrate about our schools.  Your volunteer efforts are one of those things.  Thank you so much!

Go Huskies!

Support your Nathan Hale Huskies!